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Many of our international destinations have implemented new restrictions and entry requirements as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. You may prepare for your trip by reviewing the tabs here.

last updated: March 17th, 2021


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

  As of April 1st all passengers entering or exiting Dominican territory must complete the electronic format of the Immigration & Customs form.  The form may be accessed at the following link:
  Recently, Dominican authorities revised the requirements to enter the Dominican Republic and eliminated the requirement to bring a negative result from a recent PCR test for Covid-19. Instead, they are randomly doing state-of-the-art breath tests.


  Those who are not selected in these random tests must pass in front of thermal cameras in which their body temperature will be measured. 


   If you are selected to receive the test, you will be requested to blow into a disposable device three times. This device is inserted into a machine, which in less than 1 minute delivers a definitive result.



  We resume operations to Aruba starting December 1st every Wednesday.


  A molecular PCR test is required within 72 hours (3 days) prior to your travel date. This is mandatory for all passengers 15 years of age and older.


  If a molecular PCR test cannot be performed before your travel date, it will be performed upon arrival in the country for a cost of $75 USD. Passengers will also have to comply with a 14-day quarantine.


All passengers must fill out an entry and disembarkation card located at at least 72 hours before their trip. This card must include your negative PCR test result as well as the purchase of mandatory medical insurance for all non-resident tourists at a cost of $30 USD.


  Health insurance is free for passengers under 14 years of age with an administrative fee of $10 USD.


For more information on the health measures and entry requirements for Aruba, you can visit



  We resume our regular route to Willemstad, Curaçao from January 27, 2021 every Wednesday!
All passengers must undergo a PCR test at a nationally accredited laboratory no earlier than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure date and time. The result of the PCR test must be submitted online at The passenger must also present the printed copy of the PCR test results at immigration upon arrival in Curaçao. The PCR test is per person and mandatory for all passengers, except those under 7 years of age who do not have symptoms.


  A Public Health Passenger Locator Card and the ED Immigration Embarkation-Disembarkation Card must be completed and submitted online through the following portal ( no earlier than 48 hours before flight departure. The passenger must also present a hard copy of the public health form and ED card, as received by email from the aforementioned portal, at Immigration upon arrival in Curaçao.


  All non-resident passengers of Curaçao must have valid medical insurance to cover any eventual costs related to Covid-19.




Due to the reduction of flights by the authorities in Cuba, our regularly scheduled flights are operating only on Tuesdays. Sundays and Thursdays are canceled until further notice.
As of the 1st of December an additional health tax of $30 USD will be charged for all incoming passengers.


From the 1st of January, the presentation of a negative RT-PCR test carried out 72 hours before the date of travel in a certified laboratory is established as a mandatory measure.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


  Passengers must complete a Travel Declaration Form through the online portal of the Puerto Rico Department of Health.
  They must also obtain a COVID-19 molecular test (nasal or pharyngeal swab) no more than 72 hours prior to visiting the Island and show proof of a negative result, or they must quarantine upon arrival.


  Currently we do not have flights to this destination. Would you like to fly with us to La Isla del Encanto? Request the resumption of this route here or by writing to our social networks.

St. Maarten

St Maarten

Flights to Princess Juliana International Airport are available every Monday and Friday.


Each passenger must have a negative rt-PCR test for the SARS-COV-2 virus issued at most 72 hours prior to arrival.


  All passengers must complete the Electronic Health Authorization System (EHAS) form online. Without this health authorization, entry into the country will be denied by the immigration authorities. Visitors are encouraged to complete this process as soon as they have received their rt-PCR test results. Click here to access the form.



  Haiti will now require a negative PCR covid-19 test performed 72 hours before arrival for all passengers as of February 9th, 2021.
A partir du 9 Février 2021, tout passager á destination d’Haiti doit présenter a l’embarquement un test Rdt Ag ou rt PCR négatif á la COVID-19 datant de moins de 72 heures avant le voyage. Sont exempts les anciens patients COVID-19 rétablis moyennant la confirmation documentaire (le test positif et évaluation du médecin traitant).
  People who have suffered from covid-19 and have overcome the disease will be able to present a PCR test from the time they were infected and a medical report to verify that they have recovered from the coronavirus.

   Useful information for when your plans change   review our cancellation and change policies here.

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We are taking all the necessary precuations in order for you to fly protected, such as complying with measures such as social distancing, facial coverage in public areas and other specific company mandates which include reduced capacities and high standards of cleanliness and industry approved disinfection techniques in accordance with local and international guidelines. We have KN95 masks available for sale before check-in to all our passengers.